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Bamboo Leaf Canteen – Shop Signage

We were contacted by the customer about re branding their existing signage Mak’s Garden to Bamboo Leaf Canteen.

We carried out a few site survey’s, taking measurements, photos and talking to the customer to gain an understanding of what is required finding that due to the complex nature of the original wooden fascia it would prove quite expensive to produce a new sign to shape round the existing fascia.

We laid out a visual for the customer to give a quote, once the customer was happy with the proof and the quote we proceeded into production.

The customer decided to go with a cost effective solution for re branding by having the fascia painted brown to keep costs down and to keep a more traditional finish.

As this is a very busy road and pavement and we wanted to keep disruption and the safety risk to the public to a minimum and did not want to disrupt business during the day for Bamboo Leaf Canteen, the team started this job just after 6.30am in the morning.

We applied the vinyl cut white lettering and digitally printed graphics to the existing painted fascia.

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