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Install Signage Myself Or Leave It To Those Who Know?


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Whilst it is important to be cost effective, installing your own signage can prove to be a very dangerous decision.

A recent story of a person who was installing his own shop sign resulted in serious injuries when a mobility scooter knocked the ladder over on one of Poole’s very busy roads. Click here for the full article.

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For any new or refurbished signage, the one thing that no business owner should ever consider is their own installation. Whilst small projects such as installing vinyl has minimal risk, when fitting printed and manufactured materials to building exteriors becomes a risk to public safety. Especially when the people who are positioning are not trained and experienced.

A new shop front can revitalise the look of a business and appeal to more customers. The investment made in signage can result in the final product becoming an asset to the business, no company should ever cut corners in the effort to make a saving. The end result will probably cost the company a lot more, when not installed professionally.

No business ever looked attractive with a poorly fitted sign that looked wonky or looked like an after thought to the business owners.

For any shop signage installation there are a number of considerations that need to be adhered to:


  • ensuring the fixtures and fittings are correct. Before any signage is in place, both the space and the sign needs to be checked before final install.


  • installation is made when there is minimal disruption. In busy public spaces, the optimal time would be during the very start of the day to make sure that disturbance is limited.


It should not be the responsibility of any business to engage in the installation of shop front signage. Obligation needs to be with those that have a track record and knowledge of these types of projects.


The Elite Signs team are fully trained in all aspects of install, from shop fronts to using cherry pickers for larger commercial spaces. When our customers let us know the vision for what they’d like to achieve, we’re here to provide the options available and the safest way for install.

Leave any form of install to the experts, so you can concentrate on the things that need your attention.





Can I fit some small vinyls myself?

For small jobs you can fix the vinyl yourself and save costs for install teams to install. These are fantastic ways to brand a work space or to simply add more colour to your surroundings. Click on the link and follow the Elite Signs nine step guide to the perfect fitted vinyl. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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